Terms and Conditions

Once a video is submitted IT IS NOT GUARANTEED TO AIR ON NBC. We receive hundreds of great videos and must select accordingly. The NBC encourages that you continue to promote yourself as an artist as much as possible. Selections are made by a committee. NO ONE PERSON can get your music video played NO PAYMENT REQUIRED


  • NBC plays a wide selection of music videos across different genres, from major label artists to the fiercely independent and new talent.
  • We welcome quality video submissions from all current artists.
  • High Quality Video. We’re looking for visually crisp and clean video quality (preferred formats are MOV, MP4)
  • High Quality Audio. Audio quality should be of exceptional quality.
  • Editing of video should be of high quality, indirect marketing of commercial items i.e. beverages, shop logos, clothing line etc. should be avoided.
  • Product placement – Music videos should not have any obvious product placement or branding as part of their content.
  • Violence - Storylines should avoid violence and use of dangerous tools like knives and guns.
  • Swearing – If there is swearing or cursing on the soundtrack of a song (whatever language the song may be performed in) it must be obscured. Please avoid swearing or lyrics that may offend.
  • Religion – Lyrics or action within a video should not abuse religious or cultural beliefs.

Call time for all confirmed bookings is at 15H30.Cancelation of bookings should at least be done 48 hours prior to broadcast of the live show.
Failure to communicate cancellation and/or showing up later than the agreed upon call time, the NBC can enforce its rule and ban you from another LIVE show booking for 30 days.

By submitting your video you confirm that:

  • You own or control all copyright in the video and, you grant a non-exclusive perpetual license to the NBC for broadcast, use on NBC websites and other social media platforms, and archive it in our library.
  • You own or control all copyright in the video and have an agreement with NASCAM, and the use of your video by the NBC will be subject to the terms of the NBC editorial policy.
  • If you are not the copyright holder, please provide us with the following.